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10 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement

People us Facebook to to connect & find information. If you really want to engage with them, forget pitching & ads.

10 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement

10 Ways to Promote Facebook Page Engagement

1- Show Your Personality

According to a recent IBM study, social voice increases marketing effectiveness by up to 54%, and a 10% lift in social voice can result in sales lift of up to 1.5%.

2- Ask Questions

Every customer wants to be heard and questions let them use their voice in the form of comments.
Ask your fans to share about consumer preferences, help you name a product or describe memories and moments associated with your brand.

3- Use Images

No doubt you’ve heard the visual marketing drumbeat, and it’s all true. Pictures are very powerful on Facebook.
They take up more space in the news feed and can get more engagement than a straight text post.

4- Provide an Inside Look at Your Company

People are curious by nature. That’s why to learn more about a person, we’d rather look through their photos than their bio. That said, try to put faces to your business.

Photos that show what happens behind the scenes are a good way to enhance brand credibility.

5- Stay Specific

The optimal number of posts on a single day is between 3-5. Get to know your audience and post content that will grab their attention.

Users don’t like long and boring posts. Huge percent of the users won’t even try to read these posts.
Make your publications concise, accurate and clear.

6- Use Your Fans’ Content

People love to see their content & their friends’ content shared by brands. Every few weeks, Walmart creates a new seasonal cover image with photos of real people from their fan base to engage them.

Tip: Cross-promote your Facebook shout-outs with other social networks like Instagram and Twitter to extend your reach and impact.

7- Keep Posts Simple

Data indicates that Simple Posts achieve the most engagement. Posts only containing words – receive 94% higher engagement than average.

Facebook Page Engagement Rate
Facebook Page Engagement Rate

8- Be Persistent

Your fans like your page, because they want to know what’s happening with your business. Be consistent and give your audience the needed information.

Many Facebook pages are updated through RSS feeds or Twitter updates. Don’t make this mistake! Your fans want to be in contact with your business on Facebook. If they want to read your Twitter updates, they will follow you on Twitter.

9- Love Your Followers

Uses photos and posts to show your fans how much you love them. Make sure you don’t take your community for granted. Show a little LOVE!

You are the chicken to our noodle

It also helps to be creative in the way you express it so that it adds some fun and gets shared.

10- Have Fun

Using humor on Facebook is a great way to get interaction. People are usually on Facebook to be social, and if you’re able to entertain and inform in your posts, you will get more shares, comments and likes.

There are lots of cool images on the Web to make your fans laugh (or at least draw attention to your post in the news feed). Put yourself in your fans’ place. Pick a funny picture your fans will understand and try to connect it with your brand or product.

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